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Englisch version Roni Thoma Gibbes

Righteous Among The Nations award
Wim Pleijsier en Nel Pleijsier-van Buren

Mrs. Thome-Roni Gibbes is the daughter of Zilpa Meibergen.

Roni has deployed to the people to find out where her mother Zilpa in the 2nd world war has been hiding in the Remonstrantse Church on the Laan 20 at The Hague. Through the municipal in The Hague she encountered Hans Pleijsier my name in the comments to a photo in the archive.
  Hendrik Willem Pleijsier and Nel Pleijsier Pleijsier-van Buren.

There followed an extensive email contact and it was clear that Roni had set itself the goal to Wim Nel and to contribute to the highest award that the State of Israel has in this category: "Righteous Among the Nations" by Yad Vashem.
That was easier thought than done, it has delivered its final two years of work.
More new evidence and interviews were requested by Yad Vashem.

Zilpa met hond
Dubby 1971 IsraŽl

On November 6, 2009 it was finally succeeded and is now an official announcement.

The order and medal ceremony to be held in Washington DC to Pleijsier Hendrika Johanna, the daughter of Wim and Nel. It has the oldest child Zilpah consciously experienced.

Of course we, the children of Wim and Nel, very honored and proud that our ancestors in this part shall be posthumous.
We are also extremely pleased to Roni that her mother's wish has finally followed.

See announcement letter from Yad Vashem.

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Zilpa met dochter Roni en
kleinkinderen in 1981

Roni met zoon Mickey
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Verbonden metPleijsier, Hendrik Willem (Onderscheiding); van Buren, Neeltje Alida (Onderscheiding)

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